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In an increasingly digital world, many scientists still work with basic paper and pen. Often, critical information gathered during clinical trials gets buried in laboratory notebooks or overly complex excel documents. Unearthing this information and creating a central hub for big scientific data is more than simply a technical advancement; it is critical to uncovering new scientific discoveries.

In this episode, we speak with Grant Roesler, a systems analyst at Oregon Health & Science University about how his team unearthed vital information across 50 disparate oncology-based research studies into a centralized hub, breathing new life into buried samples and opening the door for future research possibilities.

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Drug Discovery News Talks Science is a podcast where we discuss the latest news in preclinical and translational research. Behind every medical and scientific advancement lies a harrowing story of mystery and discovery. Come with us as we share these stories and connect you to the scientific minds behind them.

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Grant Roesler
Biobanking Systems Analyst
Oregon Health & Science University

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