Accelerating Patient-Derived Antibody Discovery and Optimization

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At ASMS 2019, SCIEX made a technology announcement of Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry (AEMS) which will shortly be commercialized as Echo® MS in early 2020.

This webinar will provide insights into the fundamentals of the technology and how it harnesses the two unique technologies, Acoustic Droplet Ejection (ADE) and the Open Port Interface (OPI), combined with the quantitative power of SCIEX mass spectrometry. Read More Below

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Although antibody-based immunotherapies have greatly facilitated precision medicine in cancer, the increasingly smaller patient populations and challenging manufacture make them an expensive proposition. This webinar will highlight new approaches for accelerating antibody discovery and optimization.

Speaker Information:

Scott Dessain - Webinar June 16 (1)

Scott Dessain, MD, PhD

Joseph and Ray Gordon Chair in Clinical Oncology and Research, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research
Co-founder/CSO, OCMS Bio
Co-founder/Chair Scientific Advisory Board, Immunome

Accelerating anti-viral antibody discovery using human memory B cell hybridomas with On-Cell mAb Screening (OCMS™)

Memory B cell repertoires of patients who have recovered from viral illness are a rich source of monoclonal antibodies for therapeutics discovery.

Brandon DeKosky Webinar Jun 16

Brandon DeKosky, PhD

Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, The University of Kansas
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, The University of Kansas

High-throughput single-cell approaches for improved antibody lead candidate selection

Recently developed technologies have opened new possibilities for discovering and annotating antibodies from B cell populations. 

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