Studying the Response to Cytokines Using Novel In Vitro Stem Cell Platforms

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A lack of reliable, high-throughput platforms to identify safe therapeutic candidates slows drug discovery efforts for chronic intestinal diseases. To solve this problem, researchers have developed human stem cell-based platforms to recreate the intestinal epithelium. Such intestine-on-a-chip strategies create physiological representatives of the human gut, allowing researchers to reliably characterize gastrointestinal disease mechanisms and screen for safe, effective therapeutic candidates. In this webinar, brought to you by Altis, Bill Thelin, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer will describe how RepliGut® provides an ideal intestine-on-a-chip platform to support early-stage drug development.

Topics to be covered

  • Applying human primary intestinal cultures to accelerate drug discovery
  • Technological advances to model complex chronic gastrointestinal disease

Viewers of the webinar will have an opportunity to apply for a research project, value up to $10k

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Speaker Information:

Bill Thelin, PhD

Bill Thelin, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer
Altis Biosystems


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