Studying the Response to Cytokines Using Novel In Vitro Stem Cell Platforms

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Many promising new drugs fail human clinical trials due to a lack of efficacy or unanticipated toxicity. More predictive non-clinical models that reprise human physiology and accurately evaluate drug pharmacokinetics and safety are urgently needed. Building on organ-on-a-chip technology, researchers developed an intestine-on-a-chip that recapitulates the human gut. In this webinar, Bill Thelin will discuss how intestine-on-a chip technology reliably models gastrointestinal disease and assists researchers in screening for safe, effective therapeutic candidates.

Topics to be covered

  • Modeling chronic gastrointestinal disease with organ-on-a-chip technology
  • Accelerating drug discovery and development with human primary intestinal cultures

*Viewers of the webinar will have an opportunity to apply for research funding from Altis, valued up to $10,000.*

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Speaker Information:

Bill Thelin, PhD

Bill Thelin, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Altis Biosystems


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